Our organization provides educational and psycho-educational assessments, social-emotional assessments, counseling, and special education consulting. Our primary goal is the assessment and evalutaion of children with disabilities and special needs along with intervention and support services to parents, and caregivers of young people. As well, Child and Family Resource Center lends services to children and families dealing with grief and loss.


The needs of children with developmental delays, autism, emotional, learning, and mental disabilities appear to be great in the Pee Dee areas of South Carolina. Assessment, evaluation, and intervention early on are definitely key components to helping children. Even greater than identifying the children's needs are lending support services to their parents, teachers and other caregivers. The tools that a child with a disability may need goes beyond the ascribed labels placed upon them. Knowing the child's strengths and weaknesses through the assessment component is paramount for any child or young person that is dealing with a learning and/or emotional issue. By knowing the strengths of the child, the parent and/or caregiver can pull up the weaknesses.